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Co-Founder & senior partner

Togi Gouw is an all-round financial executive with general management experience. As a senior partner at TCPartners, Togi is responsible for strategy, finance advisory, and interim management for Start-ups and SME’s, enabling growth acceleration in sectors such as retail, packaged goods, fintech, audio, and agriculture. Togi holds a BA in Business Economics, an MBA from the University of Amsterdam, and completed a postgraduate CertifiedControllers degree from the Free University of Amsterdam (RC). He attended Executive programs at North Western University (Kellogg) and INSEAD in Paris.


Co-Founder & senior partner

Chris Lui is a senior business development executive with sustained operating success. As a senior partner at TCPartners, Chris is responsible for interim management, global sales, and manufacturing operations, SCM, PMI, Robotics, leadership, and performance management. Chris holds a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leeds, England, an MSc degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the National University of Singapore and an MBA in Banking and Finance from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.


Co-Founder & senior partner

Patrick Wu is an all-rounded and experienced executive with an aptitude for creative problem solving and critical analysis. Patrick is responsible for business strategy and interim management for start-ups and SME’s in consumer electronics, semiconductor, lighting, and energy management sectors. Patrick holds a Master of Science in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Management at the University of Hong Kong and an MBA at the City University of Hong Kong. He holds also a BSc Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the University of London.

robert berg


Robert Berg is an experienced executive with two decades of management in electronics and communications sectors. Robert’s areas of expertise include engineering management, global strategic account development, strategic market and product analysis and planning, and understanding of large global organizations. Robert holds an M.SC. in Electronics Engineering from theRoyal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and is a board member and advisory board member of entrepreneurial technology companies.

al wright


Al Wright has a long history of success in B2B sales of engineered products and solutions as a global senior executive. Al's area of focus and specialty include sales talent acquisition, development and transition, global strategic sales strategy design, US Rep management and channel development, and global strategic account penetration and management. Al holds a BS in management from Babson College. He is also a member of theManufacturer’s advisory committee of the Electronic Representative Association.

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