As consultants and business people, we understand that every company has different concerns, needs and circumstances, and as such will work with you to custom tailor a strategy best suited for your business goals. We are fully invested in your success and consider ourselves to be co-owners of any growth plan we create, and by extension we will treat your company as if our own.

As a sign of our commitment, our senior partners are personally involved in every step of the project and carefully select our clients/projects to ensure maximum transparency, honesty and accountability.

Unlike many large consultants, we do not charge by the hour. Instead, we only ask for a small commitment fee upfront and expenses upon project completion. Depending on the client’s preference remuneration can vary from equity-linked rewards to simple instalments or a one-time payment. 

We cordially invite you to use our experience, knowledge and resources to guide your company on a sustainable path to accelerated growth. 

  • Personal Investment
    We believe that your success is our success, and we will treat your business as if it was our own.
  • Expertise you can trust
    Our senior partners are involved in every step of the consulting process and will be fully transparent and accountable.
  • Flexible remuneration
    Depending on your preference, remuneration can be equity-linked, simple instalments or one time payments.
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who you are

Client stage

  • Start Up (Ramp Up Stage)
  • Small Medium Enterprise (SME)
  • Asian Multi-National Company (Asian MNC)

what you do


  • Consumer products
  • Lighting
  • Display Systems
  • AV Lifestyle
  • Medical Systems
  • Tech Accessories
  • Virtual Reality
  • Robotics
  • Lithium Battery Applications
  • Internet of Things
  • FinTech
  • Technology Solutions

how we help

tcp services

  • Business Up-Scaling Strategies and Excution
  • Global Scales/ BD
  • Product Management and business Strategies
  • Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Innovation
  • M&A and PMI
  • Finance/IPO Advisory
  • Bench Strength Upgrade
  • Transformational Change Management
  • Employee engagement
  • Leadership competences

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