your global
business partner

Expert business consultants at your disposal


Unique Client Approach

With TCPartners, create and execute customized solutions to transform your local enterprise into a global multinational company.

No matter what stage your business is in, we are here to help.


Unique Business Model

As consultants and business people, we understand that every company has different concerns, needs and circumstances, and as such will work with you to custom tailor a strategy best suited for your business goals.

  • Personal Investment
    We believe that your success is our success and we will treat your business as if our own
  • Expertise You Can Trust
    Our senior partners are involved in every step of the process and will be transparent and accountable
  • Flexible Remuneration
    Remuneration can be equity-linked, simple instalments or a one time payment
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Unique Experiences

Together with their team, the partners at TCP all have over 30 years of global working experience across multiple industries in start-ups, global expansion, as well as in large corporations such as GE, HP, Panasonic, Philips, IBM, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Laird Technologies.

No matter what your business field or specialty is, we have the experience and knowledge to assist.